Are you a new real estate agent, recently licensed and completely lost and confused as to what to do next? Or perhaps you're studying to be a realtor and want to get ahead of the game?
Then this bootcamp is for you!



Duration: 4 Weeks 
Price: $137


What You Will Get

Private Facebook Group & Lifetime Access

Weekly LIVE Training Call via Zoom and synced to the Facebook Group

Weekly LIVE Role Play and Q&A via Zoom and synced to the Facebook Group

New Real Estate Agent Starter Workbook  HardCopy + PDF Version

FREE downloadable CRM via Google Sheets and Trello

What You Will Learn

Business Goal Setting

Scripts & Objection Handlers

How to Work with Buyers and Sellers

Communication & Sales Techniques
...and much more!

Who is this for?
Brand new real estate agents
Soon-to-be agents (if you are currently taking courses/waiting to take state exam)
Agents that never got the proper training or foundation on the basics

New In Real Estate Bootcamp


    For Business Inquiries and Real Estate Referrals

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