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Loida Velasquez is a real estate agent with Team BC of eXp Realty in Southern California. She specializes in helping homeowners sell their properties for the most money no matter what type of market they are in. Through her vast social media presence, marketing and negotiation skills, Loida is an agent well known in the industry that'll do whatever it takes to make sure her clients get the best results they are looking when it comes to price and terms. Not only is she a great real estate agent, she also helps thousand of agents who subscribe to her YouTube channel where she provides real estate related content.

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Have you thought of becoming a real estate agent but don't know where to begin? Your first step will be to check with your state's department of real estate regarding the requirements needed. After that, it is very likely you will have to take certification courses (I recommend you do it online to save you time and money), and once you have completed that, you will proceed to take the state license exam. Below are some companies I have partnered up with to provide you with the resources to get your certifications, and also study for your state exam!

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