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Are you a new agent, soon to be agent or even veteran agent that's los and confused trying to figure out how to get your business going? Maybe you don't have or never got the right foundation to give you the confidence to know what you're doing. If that's you, then this bootcamp is for you! You're not alone! Over 400 students have taken part in the New Agent Bootcamp, many of them seeing success during the program!



“The training and all the extra documents you provided that helped you. 
Yes, you give so many details. Very Informative.”


Melissa Flores
Anaheim, CA

“Loida Velasquez, It's been a pleasure to be in your Bootcamp. I am working on my confidence and learning as I am overcoming my fears. I am beyond grateful for what you been sharing.”


Cindy Acosta
Orange, CA

"New in Real Estate Agent Bootcamp. I highly recommended it!
I enjoyed every second of it. What I like best, being in education myself. She presents material and a variety of modalities and formats, videos, and documentation as well as a chance for the ones that invest in the Bootcamp to connect with each other in Facebook group. She is very personable the small investment to get in the Bootcamp is overshadowed by the amount of education that she presents. I am encouraged and looking forward, hopefully, she has a part 2 or follow up. I wish her the best. I am encouraged to get this done. So Anyone thinking about investing, Don't hesitate, You will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of information that she gives you, But the Key is you have to apply it and just don't be a forever student which I was guilty of in the past but not anymore. Loida Thank you so much!"


Atunya Walker
Miami - Ft. Lauderdale

“I would definitely recommend it as she provides a lot of tips from objection scripts, the Buyer and Seller process to Social Media”


Eva Gonzalez

“I would recommend the Bootcamp to anyone who is doing real estate full time and wants to become a top producer. The amount you pay for the course is little in comparison to what Loida provides you with. The value of the program could easily be three times the price and it would still be worth it.”


Erick Traschikoff
Los Angeles, CA

“This boot camp was so informative. So much information and the resources that were provided were the topping to the cake. I also loved how Loida involved Bryan C to share his experiences and knowledge. I also loved how you could be you. You could ask any question and you didn’t feel intimidated by asking or feel like you were going to get shut down because it might’ve been a common-sense question. This was a game-changer for me because I had been holding on to questions that I was too embarrassed to ask my co-workers. Being a “rookie realtor” is difficult, but you made things so easy to understand and to get ourselves organized. MIL GRACIAS!!”


Melissa Santa Maria

“I loved everything. I learned so much in just 4 short weeks
10/10 already recommended it.”


Alma Mejia
Alhambra, CA

“I cannot say this enough times! I am so grateful for this Bootcamp and all of the info Loida Velasquez has given to us. From the way she explained everything, to the tools that have been provided to us, I now feel 100 times more confident in what I am doing and confident that I'll be working in the best interests of my clients! Thank you again Loida for putting this all together”


Lyserica Ortiz
San Antonio, TX

“I love this Bootcamp, I signed up for it because I just had completed my Real Estate classes but I was waiting to take my Real Estate Exam. I figured its a better way to passed the time, I am really grateful that I took this, Coz it completely weigh out exactly what a day in real estate agent looks like, Loida Velasquez, with all the documents and stuff she uses, apps, and website that best suit her practices and see exactly what she uses was so valuable. Live Zoom, Facebook training, and on group, she will respond as a Video. I felt Amazing. Lastly, the biggest thing I take away from this is the Mentorship, The Mentorship is great and I definitely felt learning a lot from her and providing valuable feedback to everyone in the class. I Highly Encourage anyone considering taking her next Bootcamp!.”


Deanna DeMattio
Los Angeles, CA

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