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Vulcan7 vs RedX: Side-by-Side Comparison

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

If you are a real estate agent looking for lead generation sources, you are probably considering RedX and Vulcan7 but perhaps you might not know the difference and what makes one better over the other.

In this video I break down Vulcan7 vs. RedX features, tools and what you can expect. I have personally used both of them and will also share my experience, exploring the main difference between Vulcan 7 and RedX and how they can help find expired listings, FSBO, and other top real estate leads for cold calling in your area.

Why Use Vulcan7 or RedX?

We have all heard the phrase “List to Last” and if you want to go after seller leads and get listings, you are probably shopping around for different lead generation sources. Well in this video, I will be breaking down and comparing Vulcan7 versus RedX.

Throughout my real estate career I have made thousands of phone calls, and throughout the last 8 years of creating content for agents, the question ALWAYS comes up…which is better, Vulcan7 or RedX.

From personal experience I have used both and a little later on in this video I will share with you my personal opinion and experience, comparing Vulcan7 vs. RedX and helping you decide which system can better generate and help you connect with more leads.

SOO let’s get started!

vulcan7 vs redx
Vulcan7 vs Redx

First, what do they have in common?

  1. Both of these are lead generation services

  2. Both offer Expireds, FSBOs, FRBO, Preforeclosures, Neighborhood Data

  3. Mobile call back so you can select a different number for leads to call back on instead of your personal number, and call recording.

What makes RedX versus Vulcan7 different from each other?

  1. V7 – Along with Expireds, FSBOs, FRBOs, Pre Foreclosures and Neighborhood Data, Vulcan7’s Neighborhood search includes Likely to List which will filter JUST the homeowners that are likely to put their home on the market.

  2. V7 - Focusing even a little FURTHER on the neighborhood search feature, Vulcan7 has a lot of different filters you can select from including the type of property, whether its an absentee owner, beds/baths and more. You can download 2000 a week

  3. RedX’s equivalent of the Neighborhood search is called “Geo Leads” and the only filter it comes with is the length of ownership. You can download 2500 credits a MONTH

  4. RedX offers a la carte services where you can select what you want all separately, including an option for the Power Dialer Plus which is a 3-line dialer.

  5. Vulcan7 is an all in one service that includes a 1 line dialer - which I REALLY like because I NEVER lose the caller to DEAD AIR.

  6. Vulcan7, meaning that you and a team member each have your own logins, access the account and call….essentially it’s like you are getting 2 for the price of 1.

Stick around until the end as I touch on the RedX and Vulcan7 pricing!

One Thing You Have To Know

Now... before I continue with more of the BIGGER Vulcan7 vs. RedX thing you should know is that if you are going to commit to making calls and prospecting, you should have multiple leads sources to call and not just focus on 1.

The reason for that is because you never know which sources are going to bring you more leads where you will be able to set appointments.

A big mistake I see agents make is that they will JUST focus on expireds, or JUST FSBOs and that’s it…and if you do just that, you won’t know if you’re missing out on business that can be coming from reaching absentee owners or neighborhoods where you can do just listed/just sold prospecting!

My Personal Experience with Vulcan7 and RedX

Now, like I mentioned earlier in the debate of RedX vs Vulcan7, I have used both services and from personal experience, when I used RedX it gave me a lot of bad numbers and fax machines.

When I transitioned to Vulcan7 I noticed a big difference in the accuracy and I started to have a lot more conversations… pretty much every single time I got someone on the phone, it was the owner.

Now, I'm not saying that every single number is correct, but Vulcan7 is known for the quality of their data. I found myself reaching sellers that weren’t getting calls from other agents.

Vulcan7 is so confident in that, that they offer a 30 day challenge where they will help you take 1 extra listing in your first 30 days, or your next month is on them! This is something that RedX does not offer.

What Does Vulcan7 and RedX Have to Offer?

So if you’re wondering, how can they help you do that, let’s talk about training and support for you as an agent!

When it comes to that, RedX only offers a Prospecting Bootcamp at $297, while Vulcan7 has a few different sources and private groups to help agents including PreGame for accountability, Take 52 where they host zoom sessions with an industry experts help you take 1 extra listing a week, along with RoadMap and Coaches and Mentors which are shows on their YouTube channel.

So if you are a seasoned agent, and ESPECIALLY if you are a newer or solo agent, you get so much more additional support and guidance for FREE which all comes included in your Vulcan7 subscription!

What Tools Do Vulcan7 vs RedX Provide?

So I’ve talked about the similarities, what makes them different, the support and training for agents, now let’s quickly talk about the tools of Vulcan7 vs. RedX.

Whether you work with RedX or Vulcan7, both will let you add leads to folders within their dashboard.

Outside of the dashboard,RedX offers Ad Builder for $49.99/month and Brand Builder for $899/month which is more for social media ads and branding, not so much for managing the leads.

Vulcan7, on the other hand, gives you more options as a CRM with their integrated ability to send emails, setup video email campaigns through StoryTellr.

Let’s face it, if you are making calls and having conversations, the next thing you want to do as soon as you are done with a phone call is send an email whether it’s a introduction email, thank you for your time email, or a recap of your conversation…so the fact that you can do all of this within the dashboard for no additional fee, is definitely a HUGE bonus!

Vulcan7 vs RedX: Prices

With all of that said, you are probably wondering about the price!

Like I said earlier, RedX has a la carte services which many agents usually just buy 1 of the services like for example, expireds for $49.99 and they dial by hand...WHICH IS NOT A GOOD USE OF YOUR TIME…not to mention the data is not the most accurate.

While that might seem like a good choice because it’s “cheap”, let’s remember that if you are looking to be a successful listing agent and take MASSIVE action, you need to focus on multiple lead sources and not just 1, and as well have a dialer so that you can be more efficient and productive with your time.

Vulcan7 does have premium pricing making it a lead generation platform that’s NOT for everyone….it’s kind of like the saying that goes, “you get what you pay for”.

Also remember all the additional training and support you are getting at no extra cost, which would be worth thousands of dollars if you hired a coach. If you are completely new to making calls, prospecting and don’t know if you’ll stick around and commit to it, perhaps RedX might be the best option for you to try out.

But if you are serious and ready to take your listing agent game to the next level, then Vulcan7 is a no brainer.

Which Dialer Should You Get

If you're looking for the best lead generation tool, give Vulcan7 a try. They always have special deals and pricing packages going on, so if you're on the market for the best real estate lead generation product, take a look through this link for more details!


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